Aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces attacked the infrastructure of Turkish mercenaries and militants

Russian military aviation carried out a powerful raid against Turkish terrorists in Idlib.

The positions of Turkish militants and mercenaries, whose activity has been observed in recent days in the Syrian province of Idlib, were hit hard. As a result of a powerful attack, the infrastructure of the militants, including weapons depots, headquarters and a training camp, were destroyed to the ground.

On the video footage made by the inhabitants of Idlib, you can see the moment of the attack on Turkish terrorists in Idlib. According to preliminary data, the militants could lose up to three dozen people, including high-ranking field commanders. At the moment, the terrorists have not made any statements regarding the strike of the Russian Aerospace Forces on their positions, however, apparently, the destruction turned out to be extremely serious.

A number of sources report that the militants could hold a meeting with the aim of organizing hostilities against the Syrian army and expanding the zone of influence, however, to date, the command of the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria has not yet provided any data on this.

It is noteworthy that the militant base was located among civilian infrastructure, however, the latter was allegedly not damaged.


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