Plane crash


An-26 aircraft could crash due to disruption of the global navigation system

An-26 passenger aircraft could crash into a rock due to the disrupted operation of the global navigation system.

After about a day ago the plane An-26 of Kamchatka Airlines crashed on the coast of Kamchatka, it became known that the crew of the aircraft could use an unidentified means of navigation. Due to a malfunction of the navigation system, an unidentified device could incorrectly determine the position of the aircraft, as a result of which the pilots were unable to avoid a collision with a rock.

At the moment, it is known that all 28 people, including six crew members, who were on board the Kamchatka Airlines plane, were killed. Rescuers started searching for the bodies of the victims this morning. At the same time, work continues on the search for flight recorders, the decoding of which will make it possible to find out the circumstances of the crash.

By the current hour, it is known that the aircraft crew did not report any problems on board. Judging by the footage from the crash site, you can see that the pilots tried to quickly gain altitude, but could not do it. This also confirms the version about a malfunction of the navigation system.

The sooner you leave all existing organizations in the world, the better.

And not only circles and DOSAAF, but the popularization of sports since childhood and everywhere.

Not Kamchatka Airlines, but Kamchatka Aviation Enterprise. Kamchatka Airlines - now defunct helicopter airline

In such areas, where fog is a common phenomenon, there should be a blind landing system for aviation, there is simply no other way, in such areas even experienced pilots make mistakes and can lose their orientation in space.

Excessive enthusiasm for the satellite navigation system - GPS is dangerous for aircraft pilots. The GPS system can only be used as a backup, but not the main one. The GPS service provider is not responsible for the quality of the service.
I remember the crash of the plane An-140 of the Ukrainian airline "Aeromost-Kharkov", which took place on 23.12.2002 in Iran. Then the plane collided with a mountain while landing at the SMU at the Isfahan airfield, a few minutes before landing. The blame was laid on the pilots, they say, the pilots lost control in poor visibility, and the plane crashed into a mountain range.
During the exchange of views on the operation of the satellite navigation system - GPS, we, the Air Force pilots, first of all note that this system belongs to the US military. The GPS project is aimed at military purposes. And the fact that today GPS is widely used for civilian purposes, GPS-receivers are sold in electronics stores, they are built into smartphones, etc. does not mean that they can be used without looking back. It is one thing to drive a car, using GPS data, drove in the wrong place, this is fixable, but if the aircraft deviated and "drove in the wrong place" - this is a disaster.
Returning to the crash of the An-140 aircraft, which occurred on December 23.12.2002, XNUMX in Iran, an earthquake occurred there a few days after the crash in that region. Although it was of medium strength and did not lead to significant destruction, it is worth recalling that even a few days before the earthquake, the communication and navigation equipment malfunctioned. Changes in the magnetic field prior to earthquakes affect people, including the responsiveness of pilots.
Kamchatka is the most earthquake-prone region in Russia with active active volcanoes. Tremors are shaking the peninsula, earthquakes have become commonplace. Kamchatka is one of the most earthquake-prone areas not only in Russia, but throughout the world. What kind of GPS flights on the planes of local airlines can we talk about.

No comments, memory of the deceased. But it is necessary to restore aviation and circles in DOSAAF. Boys learned to model and fly from 6-7 years old and by 12-14 years old they had already designed and piloted. 20 million rubles a year for such a region as Chuvashia, and in 2 years there will already be positive results, and in three to four years the flight schools will be restored, revived and replenished by the lost design bureaus. And withdraw from the WTO (World Trade Organization). Example China, does what it needs!



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