Aeroflot Airline


Aeroflot plane urgently landed in Novosibirsk

In Novosibirsk airport emergency landing the plane of "Aeroflot".

The reason for making an emergency landing was the poor condition of a passenger flight Moscow - Hong Kong, what the passengers and crew reported. The commander of the aircraft decided to land at the nearest airport, because the state of women passengers with only worsened over time.

It is noted that after landing in Novosibirsk, health workers had to be hospitalized a woman to a local hospital, however, about the reasons for her deteriorating health has not been reported.

According to employees of the Novosibirsk airport airliner delay was not significant, and hospitalization after a passenger flight execution continued.

A photo on board (in 767-300), which is taken out of service by Aeroflot in July 2014 years ...