Aeroflot Airline


The plane of the airline "Aeroflot" filed a distress signal in the airspace of Belarus

The passenger liner of the airline "Aeroflot" has sent a distress signal over Belarus.

The RBC TV channel reports that the passenger airliner Boeing 737, owned by the air carrier Aeroflot, during a flight from Kaliningrad to Moscow, sent a distress signal while in the airspace of Belarus.

Despite the fact that a distress signal was sent by a passenger airliner, this did not lead to any problems, because, as reported by RBC, the reason for this was the demand of the Belarusian side to test the operation of the emergency warning systems of the aircraft.

“Aeroflot’s Boeing distress alert filed for system testing at the request of Belarusian dispatchers. The board landed normally- said in the message.

According to some information, the reason why the Belarusian side demanded that the crew of the Aeroflot airline plane give a distress signal was the tragedy that took place 10 days ago at the Sheremetyevo airport in the capital, however, no official comments on this matter either from the Belarusian aviation authorities nor from the airline "Aeroflot" could not be obtained.