Airline Icarus


Airplane airline "Icarus" made an emergency landing in Perm

At the airport of Perm made an emergency landing the plane from Bangkok.

According to news, airliner, owned by "Icarus", carrying out the implementation of the Bangkok flight to Ekaterinburg, I was forced to make an emergency landing at the airport Bolshoye Savino. As representatives of the air harbor, emergency landing was due to the fact that they are on board the aircraft of a pregnant woman suddenly became ill.

It should be clarified that the landing took place in Perm in the normal mode, while, at the airport, the plane was already waiting for a team of doctors who examined the pregnant passenger, had to hospitalize her.

Due to the fact that on the territory of Ekaterinburg there was dense fog, the completion of the flight, it was decided to postpone.