Ural Airlines


The plane of the airline "Ural Airlines" landed in Mineralnye Vody

The passenger plane of the airline "Ural Airlines" made an emergency landing at the airport mineral Waters.

According to the information received by the portal Avia.pro directly from the passengers themselves, it becomes aware of the fact that when the flight Simferopol - Saint Petersburg aircraft during flight greatly shaken, which is clearly indicative of a technical failure of the aircraft. Within the airspace of Rostov-on-Don, commanding passenger airliner, has decided to deploy the airplane and land in Mineralnye Vody.

On board the airliner were more than a hundred passengers, however, no people have been hurt, though, allegedly all of the same passengers on the runway airport, aircraft expected arrival firefighters calculations and ambulances.

At the moment, remain unknown to all the circumstances of what happened - leadership of the Russian airline "Ural Airlines" has not commented on the situation regarding the emergency landing.