Airline Azur Air


The plane "Azur Air" delayed the arrival in Tomsk on 10 hours

The flight Cam Ranh - Tomsk delayed by 10 hours.

At the moment, aviation resource received information that the charter flight carrier «Azur Air» with the delayed arrival of Cam Ranh in Tomsk on 10 hours. In fact, the airline's aircraft «Azur Air» was supposed to fly to Tomsk more last night, however, due to unfavorable weather conditions, the crew commander was forced to land in Novosibirsk air harbor.

How is long-term will be a charter flight delay, yet remains unknown, since in many respects this fact depends on the weather conditions at the destination airport, however, taking the fact that the weather here has improved, it is likely the end of the flight will take place over the next few hours .

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