Cessna 207


Aircraft Cessna 207 crashed in Alaska

small-engine plane crashed in Alaska.

The collapse of small-aircraft Cessna 207 It happened on the eve of the day on July 18, and received an information portal Avia.pro reportedly killed the pilot of the aircraft as a result of the incident, and the injured and injuries of varying severity four other passengers.

Remarkable is the fact that one of the passengers on board reported the aircraft crash to the police, so the crash site was quickly found and the rescuers who arrived provided emergency medical assistance to all the victims.

It is known that the light-engine aircraft Cessna 207, owned by the airline "Wings of Alaska"Fulfilled sightseeing flight, however, according to some, in the aircraft engine failure, which is why the pilot tried until the last moment to make a crash-land on the ground that, to a greater extent, and he managed to do.

The information portal Avia.pro clarifies that less than a month ago, on June 26, another light-engine aircraft crashed in Alaska, which was also performing an excursion flight - all nine people on board were killed.


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