Egypt Air Airline


The plane "EgyptAir" urgently landed in Sharm el-Sheikh due to fuel leak

Airliner Egyptian company «EgyptAir» made an emergency landing at the airport in Sharm el-Sheikh.

At the moment, there are official information that a passenger plane belonging to the Egyptian flag carrier, followed by a flight from Abu Dhabi to Cairo, however, during the flight, the commander of the air Airbus A330 vessel was discovered a fuel leak, as a consequence, the flight crew requested an emergency landing .

On board the airliner were 184 person (excluding crew members - Ed.)., And the planting took place in a normal mode and no people have been hurt. At the current hour it is unknown whether the plane of the Egyptian carrier «EgyptAir» there was a fuel leak or the culprit was the failure of the sensor - manual Egyptian airline at the moment this incident does not comment.


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