Venezuelan Air Force


Guaydo's plane was intercepted by the Venezuelan Su-30

Venezuela did not allow the aircraft of the impostor president into the airspace of the country.

The Venezuelan military sent their Su-30 combat fighters to the border areas of the country to patrol airspace to prevent the penetration of the plane of the self-proclaimed Venezuelan President Juan Guaydo. It is known that no attempts were made to break into the airspace of this Latin American country by board Guaydo, since a warning was sent to the crew of the CASA C-295M aircraft that if the order was ignored, the aircraft would be shot down.

It is reported that Guaydo himself did not dare to violate the airspace of Venezuela after the revealed circumstances, although his plane approached the country's borders at a distance of 15 kilometers. Subsequently, the airline landed on the territory of a neighboring state, from where the impostor president intends to get into Venezuela by other means.

The night before it became known that the plane of the self-proclaimed Venezuelan President Juan Guaydo took off from Ecuador and headed for Venezuela. Guaydo himself announced that he intends to land directly at Caracas International Airport, in connection with which, users of social networks supporting the current Venezuelan authorities called on the military not to allow this, and trying to break through, destroy the plane as an intruder.



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KARAKAS, March 4. / TASS /. Opposition leader Juan Guaido at a rally in Caracas showed a passport with a stamp on crossing the border to prove that he entered the country "openly and legally." This was reported by a TASS correspondent from the scene.
There were a lot of speculations around the return of Guaydo, there were suggestions that he might return to the country in secret. Representatives of the authorities said that the opposition leader would be detained if he tried to cross the border, because he had previously violated the court ban on leaving the country. However, Guaydo arrived through Caracas International Airport, albeit accompanied by foreign ambassadors.

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The unenviable fate of an impostor: hanging like ... in the hole.



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