Plane crash


Aircraft L-39 crashed in the area of ​​Tikhoretsk - the crew died

In Tikhoretsk, the Russian L-39 crashed, there are dead.

A few minutes ago in the Kuban, near the city of Tikhoretsk, an L-39 trainer aircraft crashed during a scheduled flight. It is reported that the aircraft was completely destroyed when it hit the ground, while the cadet on board was killed.

At the moment, the resource has information that the crashed L-39 trainer plane belonged to the Tikhoretsk branch of the Krasnodar Flight School, however, it was not possible to quickly contact the management of the information resource reporters.

What exactly caused the tragedy happened is not known, however, given the data provided by a number of information resources, the main circumstance could be a pilot error, although the version of the technical malfunction of the training aircraft is also possible.

How experienced was the cadet who controlled the crashed plane, so far remains unknown, however, sources claim that the person at the helm had quite a lot of experience in operating the machine, which most likely indicates a possible technical problem during the training flight.

Maybe they meant L-39 Czech production? I served the L-29. Convenient machine, like in a car.