Russian Defense Ministry aircraft seen in Libya

A plane of the Ministry of Defense of Russia is seen flying at an air base in Libya

Despite categorical denials by the Russian defense department regarding the presence of the Russian military in Libya and the transfer of MiG-29 aircraft to the Libyan National Army. Su-24, etc., a few hours ago, an aircraft of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation was seen flying to one of the air bases controlled by the army of Khalifa Haftar.

According to open monitoring information resources, the board of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Tu-154M RA-8515, following from the Khmeimim air base in Syria, headed south and sharply changed course in Egyptian airspace and headed for one of the Libyan air bases.

The reasons for the appearance of the plane of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on the territory of Libya are still unknown, and representatives of the Russian defense department have not yet commented on the data that appeared on the visit to Libya, which raises a number of questions, especially after the appearance of the presence of Russian PMCs in this African country and the transfer here Russian weapons.

On the other hand, experts recalled that Russia is still negotiating with Turkey to stabilize the situation in this region, and therefore, a visit by the Russian Defense Ministry could be connected with this factor.

They constantly fly, periodically turning off the transponder. Compare the departures from Chkalovsky with Flyradar and you will understand everything.