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Plane "Nordwind Airlines" nearly crashed on departure from Heraklion

The plane, en route flight Heraklion - Saint Petersburg, nearly crashed after takeoff.

According to data provided by «Nordwind Airlines» competent source, the plane of the Russian air carrier nearly crashed when departing from Heraklion airport, in particular, reported that the plane began to dramatically lose altitude, and, most likely, only thanks to the professionalism of the crew, the tragedy could to avoid.

Representatives of the national airline "North Wind" yet this information did not comment, however, the incident did take place, but the causes of the accident had destroyed nearly a hundred people, remain unknown, although according to experts, the culprit could be a technical malfunction of the engine.

It turns out we flew with you on this plane by the same flight. Truth was denied not by the left, but by the right engine. Panic on board something I do not remember. Well, except that the man who was sitting in front of us drank the whole bottle of whiskey from his throat. And I also did not notice the fighters, although I might just not be looking carefully at the porthole.

And there is. Can fly. Moreover, the fly may (though not for long) just do not motorized. And there are examples of such flights. And may take off? Alas ... The failure of one of the two engines on the rise - a very serious problem and solve it without the victims can not all. And then, thank God, been able to cope with panic, and with the problem.

At takeoff, with full tanks and loading requires nearly maximum thrust on both engines. What the experts have unfinished.

Perhaps the aircraft can fly on one engine but not for long and not always. We flew probably the same board Boeing 777 from Varadero to Moscow. Approximately over Boston in aircraft specifically with jerks and crash stukanula left engine. Waiting for fire ...
The pilot turned around and flew back to Varadero. Flight back was accompanied by American fighters. The women in the salon organized panic. Sat successfully stayed another day in Cuba and flown to Moscow Aeroflot flight from Havana. Information nowhere and did not pass. So it's not the first kurtosis with this plane and it is time to take action, or good is not going to end ...

Even if the engine is not working properly, does not mean that the aircraft can not fly further for Extended Twin OPerationS - the empowerment of flights for a twin-engine planes aircraft can fly on one engine, depending on the type of 2-x motor airplane from 60 to 180 minutes, what that experts unfinished with us!



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