PAK FA aircraft


The PAK FA aircraft is far ahead of its generation.

The PAK FA is ahead of the 5 generation of aircraft.

Due to the unique qualities, the Russian aircraft PAK FA significantly surpasses all currently known combat aircraft of the 5 generation, which, in all likelihood, speaks of its real membership in the 5 + generation. Information about this has become known to the aviation portal after the main advantages of domestic development voiced during the Dubai Airshow - 2015 air show.

Due to extremely innovative approach of Russian scientists and aircraft manufacturers have managed to create a unique of its kind in the plane, which for some flight-technical quality is far ahead of the aircraft 5-generation other countries.

The PAK FA itself is equipped with modern means of avionics and radar detection, which allows receiving objective information not only in the front hemisphere, but also from other sectors, which provides greater maneuverability and the ability to fight without even seeing the enemy.