Accumulation of passengers at the airport


The plane "Pegasus Airlines" cannot take off from Novosibirsk for the second day

The flight of the company "Pegasus Airlines" was detained in Novosibirsk for more than 2 days.

According to the official existing schedules, passenger airliner was to fly on the route Novosibirsk - Antalya 8 hours 20 minutes, 26 July 2015 years, however, remains unknown for now reason, the management of the air carrier suffered perform flight on 28 July and to date, flight is delayed already 35 hours.

According to the passengers themselves, the management of the airline informed them that the delay in departure is connected with technical problems of the aircraft, for the elimination of which it takes about an order of 48 hours, so the flight scheduled for the morning of 26 July was postponed to 28 July.

According to information available from the news agency, all passengers of the failed flight were temporarily placed in hotels, and based on the statement made by Pegasus Airlines, it follows that for the delay in departure passengers will be compensated, however, Do not go.


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