The plane flew over the epicenter of the most powerful hurricane

Research plane flew through the most powerful in the history of the hurricane.

US researchers have a unique opportunity to make the study of hurricane "Patricia," which last night was able to reach the Mexican coast. The research program is expected to fly on a special aircraft through the epicenter of the hurricane funnel most powerful hurricane in the history of observations? that was able to carry out.

As can be seen from the exclusive of its kind personnel, the aircraft was influenced by very high wind speeds - according to some sources, in the midst of hurricane wind speed reached 75 m \ a (270 km \ h.).

According to the researchers, during a unique span through the epicenter of the storm, was able to make a very surprising discovery, which will be announced a little later, at the same time, the aircraft itself in spite of all the danger has not received any damage, although the flight was according to experts is very risky.