Putin's plane


Putin’s plane was immediately accompanied by six Su-57 fighters.

The plane of the Russian president was accompanied by six Su-57 fighters at once.

The day before, during the visit of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to the State Flight Test Center of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in Akhtubinsk, the plane of the Russian leader was immediately accompanied by six Su-57 fighters.

On the presented video frames, you can see six fifth-generation Su-57 Russian fighters escorting Vladimir Putin's plane, while the pilots personally told the Russian leader about the unique capabilities of this combat vehicle, which will begin to enter the troops this year.

According to test pilots, the Russian Su-57 fighter is a big leap into the future, and after the second stage aircraft engine is installed on the aircraft, the vehicle will become even more maneuverable and less noticeable to the enemy.

When exactly the fifth generation Russian fighters will start installing engines of the second stage, which is still unknown, however, according to experts, built on the background of emerging news about the readiness of this product, this will happen next year.