Airline Qatar Airways


The plane "Qatar Airways" while departing from Miami airport touched a light mast

Passenger airliner "Qatar Airways”, While taking off, touched a lighting mast at Miami Airport.

Despite the fact that the aircraft suffered serious damage to the landing gear, the aircraft commander decided to continue performing flight to Doha, which naturally caused a lot of dissatisfaction among airline passengers who were at serious risk because of the unjustified actions of the crew of flight.

The incident took place as early as 15 September, with the administration of Qatar Airways trying to hide the incident from the public, but the data were voiced by passengers in social networks, and now this may be the reason for scandal in relation to the air carrier.

Among other things, received significant damage and airport lighting equipment - according to staff air hub, for a full recovery takes at least a month, which in other matters will not prevent normal operation of the air port.