Plane landing


The plane of the Russian airline again hit the runway, this time with Kirkorov on board

The plane with Kirkorov on board hit the runway.

The Super Internet portal reported that at the Moscow Domodedovo Airport, the plane carrying the Russian singer Philip Kirkorov was unable to land on the first attempt.

Singer with his children returned to Moscow from Varna (Bulgaria), where he was on tour. The flight was operated by S7. Reportedly, the plane failed to land on the first attempt. He hit the landing gear on the runway and went into the second round.

There was no panic. The crew reassured passengers. At the second attempt, the pilots successfully landed the airliner.

Philip Kirkorov thanked the pilots for their professionalism and noted that the landing was not very comfortable, but, as the “Moscow Says” publication cites his words, “we are all alive, healthy, thank God. We have already left the flight. ”

A little earlier, an emergency landing was made by Siberia Airlines Airbus A319, the flight was “Moscow-Astrakhan”. The cause was a technical failure of the aircraft. On board were 89 passengers. There were no casualties.