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A plane with 19 kilograms of radioactive substance crash-landed at Vnukovo airport

A UTair airline plane, flying from Khanty-Mansiysk to Moscow, crash-landed at Vnukovo airport, a Baza source reports. The incident occurred on the night of December 11. There were 104 passengers and 5 crew members on board.

During landing, an emergency alarm was sounded due to problems with the landing gear. Despite this, the plane landed successfully at half past one in the morning. Of particular concern is the information that there were 19 kilograms of a radioactive substance on board the aircraft - its nature is not disclosed, and it is also unknown for what reasons the plane was transporting dangerous cargo along with passengers.

The situation on board is under control and all necessary procedures and checks are currently being carried out. Details of the incident and the condition of the radioactive cargo continue to be clarified.


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