British military


The plane with the British military arrived in Ukraine

British military and armaments arrived in Ukraine.

A few hours ago, a military transport aircraft A400 landed at the Kiev airport, which delivered a group of British military personnel, weapons and ammunition to Ukraine. The plane arrived from Brize Norton Air Force Base, where the 16th Airborne Assault Brigade is based, which was considered by the UK Department of Defense as a unit that is planned to be sent to Donbass.

At the moment, there are no official comments from Kiev and London, however, taking into account the previously made statement about the UK's readiness to send up to a thousand troops from special units to Ukraine, experts do not exclude that the UK could really take such steps, at least for that , in order to specially arrange a provocation on the border with Russia.

It is known that only one military transport aircraft of the British Air Force arrived at the Kiev airport. In this regard, the likelihood that London has begun the transfer of its troops to Donbass is still very low. Nevertheless, experts do not exclude that if we are really talking about the transfer of British troops to the Donbass, then the plane could carry out the delivery of weapons, material and technical means, etc.

As barrage units

will be in the gray zone and stir up conflict between warring parties by shooting in both directions - this is their proven tactic.

Probably Boris Nikolaevich alone kept the West in fear (

Pampers are a weapon of imperialism! Such a valuable resource cannot be sent without security! Otherwise he will be kidnapped and quickly sold by local Papuans.

British soldiers do not know that the locals despise them and will clean their pockets at the opportunity. The military equipment will leave for Russia, and the cartridges will settle in Rostov. There is no Zadornov on them.

in fact, they flew in to take part in the new Maidan?))

In response to the actions of NATO, which is arming Kiev and sending instructors to destroy people with Russian passports. Russia can reserve the right to arm its population in Donbas with any defense weapon to keep them alive.

It's a pity that our missiles are accurate, otherwise they could have hit by mistake and covered the British occupiers. One could even apologize, they say, the satellite messed up something, probably the US satellites attacked it, that's the demand from them.

The western beast clung to the Russian land of Kiev with a death grip ...

Soldiers and weapons - I understand, and diapers on the next flight?

Never before have they wiped their feet about Russia like that. Not a single Tsar allowed. Have survived ...

Have you brought fresh meat with bacon?

The colonists have arrived to develop new territories, and the aborigines will clearly celebrate this event! It would be worthwhile for the natives to think about how it usually ends for them ... Reservations or "gifts" in the form of blankets with contagion? But this is clearly not the case.