A plane with Lukashenka's son demonstratively flew over Crimea, unrecognized by Minsk

The plane with the son of the Belarusian president defiantly flew around Crimea, without entering the airspace of the peninsula.

Several hours ago, Belarusian media sources reported that the plane of Dmitry Lukashenko, the son of the Belarusian president, took off from Minsk to the UAE. The plane, as it turned out, flew through the airspace of Ukraine, but at the same time demonstratively flew over the airspace of the Crimean peninsula, making a detour of several hundred kilometers, due to the fact that Minsk still does not recognize this peninsula as part of the Russian Federation.

In the presented photo, you can see the flight route of the air carrier VistaJet, which bypasses the airspace of the Crimea from the western side, after which it returns to its usual route and continues to fly to the UAE. The purpose of the flight to the United Arab Emirates is still unknown, however, the very fact that the Belarusian side openly and demonstratively refuses to fly through the airspace of the peninsula. makes us think not only about whether Belarus will recognize the return of Crimea to Russia in the near future, but also about whether Minsk is such an ally, as the leader of a neighboring state claims.

“Minsk should decide on the issue of supporting Russia's interests. If Belarusians simply do not want to recognize the transition of the peninsula to the sovereignty of Russia, then what kind of military and political alliance can we even talk about? ", - emphasizes the specialist.

The dog has a bullock hut, that is still dumb. All the hope for the American booth, melodiously Baidan poobitsyav.

Wishful thinking is of course your right. But you should know - Crimea has never really been a part of Ukraine. And even more so now that what is called Ukraine is falling apart and going to a logical disappearance.
But you believe. You will drown more calmly. I certainly do not wish you this, but your efforts will lead all of you to such a logical end.

So then it is necessary to defiantly fly over the territory of the Crimea.

Only the children of President Lukashenko will be able to make such a gesture! For only because it is carried out at the expense of the budget of the inhabitants of the state of Belarus. The rest follow straight through the Crimea.

And that there is already such a position, the son of the Belarusian president?

Sasha, I understand that you are offended, but Crimea itself left you and according to your own laws (the Law on Referendums). That would have left Yanukovych on the territory of Ukraine and everything really would have been not easy and the annexation would have been difficult legally, as well as an armed coup and anarchy in the country, with the only legal authority - the Parliament of Crimea. Again they hurt themselves ... Well, the topic is about Lukashenko and the overflight of the Crimea .... :)) Probably Lukashenko is again probably trying to "please" the West. And so I agree with you, there is nothing panic, they fly as they like and conveniently - about 4 km through Ukraine to Dubai, and about 165 km through Bryansk and Krasnodar Territory.

He could not fly over the Crimea. For the passage, it is necessary to transfer the aircraft of one dispatcher to another, and the Odessa DC and Dneprovsk DC do not interact with Simferopol now and the transfer of aircraft is impossible. Flights over Crimea are possible only from the side of the Rostov RC

They also raised my panic. Well, I flew around the occupied territory, so what. Crimea is a part of Ukraine captured by the Russian Federation. It's simple, and you don't have to reinvent the wheel.

It was only we who imagined that we had cooperation with them, and they were already laughing at us openly.