Bulgaria Air airline


The plane en route from Sofia to Moscow urgently landed at the airport of departure

Passenger airliner of the Bulgarian airline "Bulgaria Air", Followed by a flight from Sofia to Moscow, was forced to return to the airport of his departure.

The reason for an emergency landing at the airport Sofia there was a technical malfunction of the aircraft, detected immediately upon departure, however, the nature of the problem was not clarified by representatives of a foreign air carrier.

According to some information available from the information resource Avia.pro, the chassis could become the blame for everything, however, the passengers and those who reported this could not specify the details, noting that the aircraft landed at the Sofia airport about an hour after departure, Over the runway.

The incident with a passenger airliner Airbus A319 occurred on the eve of the afternoon, but information about whether the flight took place later or was postponed is still missing due to the unwillingness of the Bulgarian air carrier to give official comments on the incident that occurred.