Pilatus PC-7


Mexican Air Force plane made a tough landing due to engine failure

Emergency landing of aircraft the Air Force of Mexico: two victims.

The incident with the rigid forced landing occurred in the state of Jalisco, with, according to the information resource Avia.pro, on board the aircraft Pilatus PC-7 there were two people who received the incident various injuries, but despite this, stayed alive .

At the moment, in fact an emergency landing under investigation, and the first information released by the press service of the Air Force of Mexico, it became known that the pilot of the aircraft was forced to put the aircraft on the terrain due to a technical malfunction, in particular, the version of the engine failure .

Pilatus PC-7 aircraft are often operated by the Mexican Air Force to carry out observation flights, while experts do not exclude that the actual obsolescence of this model could be the reason for all, especially since most aircrafts in the arsenal of this country have more than 25 years .