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US Air Force plane nearly shot down a Belarusian passenger airliner over the Black Sea

An American plane nearly shot down a plane of a Belarusian airline.

The provocative flight of the American military aircraft with the call sign “Homer49” almost led to a disaster for the plane of the Belarusian air carrier “Belavia”, which was flying from Minsk to Tel Aviv. The incident took place near the Russian border, approximately 20 kilometers from the country's airspace.

According to the information and news agency, the board of the Belarusian airline had already left the airspace of Russia and was heading towards Israel. Nevertheless, literally a few seconds after crossing the Russian border, an American Boeing RC-135 military aircraft almost shot down a civilian airliner, going to intersect its flight path. Judging by the data of open monitoring resources, the difference in height between the two airliners was only about one and a half kilometers, while the difference in the horizon was less than one kilometer.

The moment of the incident was recorded by publicly available monitoring resources. Moreover, such a case is far from the only one - a slightly previously unknown plane almost rammed a Russian passenger airliner. The incident took place in the same area over the Black Sea.

At the moment, there are no official comments on this matter, however, apparently, such provocations may be deliberately planned by the United States.

Civil aircraft fly on strictly defined routes, but air traffic controllers do not know where the American reconnaissance officer will fly. This is the danger. Apparently, they did not even have time to dilute the heights, how quickly everything happened

I have personally seen more than once when two civilian liners intersect along a trajectory, but fly at different heights with a difference of several hundred meters, judging by the flight radar. I don't see a problem with that.

One and a half kilometers in height and one kilometer along the horizon, two Boeings parted - a quiet passenger and a quiet former transport worker. Ah, a battering ram! When you fly up to the airport, you usually see a bunch of airplanes in the sky many times closer.