US military aircraft covered itself from Russian S-400s by an Aeroflot passenger aircraft

An American military aircraft tried to hide from Russian S-400s with an Aeroflot aircraft.

The American military anti-submarine patrol aircraft P-8A Poseidon staged a serious provocation against a passenger airliner of the Russian Aeroflot airline. As it became known, the American military aircraft not only made a dangerous approach to the Russian aircraft, probably hiding from the working Russian S-400 systems, but also changed the data transmitted by the transponder, as a result of which the military aircraft was identified as a meteorological balloon.

At the moment, it is known that the Russian Boeing 737 aircraft was performing a regular flight from Moscow to Antalya, however, during the flight, an American military patrol aircraft approached it. The rapprochement between the two aircraft was about 2-3 kilometers, and in height - about 2 kilometers. At the same time, the route of the US Navy aircraft clearly indicates a dangerous maneuver.

This is far from the first time that US military aircraft have provoked civilian aircraft. In all likelihood, this is due not so much to attempts to interfere with the flights of civilian aircraft, but to try to obtain data on the operation of Russian military radars and S-400 systems, which are actively monitoring this direction.

The Russian side has not yet commented on the dangerous actions of the United States in the skies over the Black Sea, however, the situation created by the patrol military aircraft is definitely dangerous.

Think in patterns, and that's good, there will be a surprise))))

We are waiting for Russia to declare that US tanks are being covered by Russian passenger planes!

I see that you do not understand that the heights were different, and the divergence of oncoming sides can be normal up to 300 m in height.

So no one even won, what are you talking about patient?

This is not meanness, but war. And the winners are not judged. We must not grind our teeth on the couch, but study and work, raise science and economics. Or at least understand why Russia came to the 22nd year as a poor gas station.

The meanness of the Americans in everything.

Are our planes able to replace data? Or something like that?

American Airlines without an escort can Abydetsa.

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