US Air Force plane staged a dangerous maneuver right in front of the Russian government board

The American Air Force staged a serious provocation right at the Russian borders.

An American military aircraft made a dangerous maneuver next to the Il-96-300PU special board, on board which the Russian President and other statesmen of the country are traveling. As it turned out, the American military aircraft specially guarded the appearance of the special board of the SLO "Russia", and when it approached, it unexpectedly made a sharp turn, in fact, crossing the flight path of the Il-96-300PU aircraft.

In the image presented, you can see the flight paths of American and Russian aircraft. At the same time, taking into account the point of intersection and the relative flight speed of each of the sides, the incident can be called very dangerous. It remains unknown why the Russian fighters on duty were not raised to intercept a foreign military aircraft that posed at least a potential threat.

It is not known exactly what tasks the American RC-135V Rivet Joint aircraft could perform near the Russian borders. Experts believe that the United States continues to study Russian air defense systems that protect Crimea, which, by the way, is indicated by the modification of the reconnaissance aircraft.

Shoigu would have talked to another Biden would have received a rollback like with Kursk and silence

What would happen if our plane did this?

Someone woke up at the wrong time?

Are you talking about a flight to Geneva? So it was a long time ago ... Not good to the author.

And where is the presented image on which a foreign plane is visible ????? or again the article was written with a heavy hangover.

Where is the image? Where did the incident occur, within our borders or beyond? If for, then what should the duty fighters do there, if in our space, why did not they catch up with the intruder, these old troughs in Soviet times both planted and shot down.



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