Airline Donavia


Donavia aircraft will be based at Domodedovo airport

Russian airline "Donavia" takes its planes from Sheremetyevo в Domodedovo.

As it became known from the information portal direct management of the national airline, aircraft transfer from Sheremetyevo Airport to Domodedovo airport has been planned, at the same time the capital airport, which currently are based aircraft, provides a more modern facilities suitable for the further development of the airline.

Experts do not exclude also the probability that the stationing of aircraft in Moscow's Domodedovo airport is more advantageous from the economic point of view, however, the official comments on this matter from the representatives of the Russian airline to date have been reported.

It should be noted that the airline "Donavia"Is actively developing shedule, which is only in the past year increased its passenger traffic to 30%, transported more than 1,7 million.


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