NATO planes hunted for the Russian Su-57 for a year and never found it

The Russian Su-57 fighter, derided by NATO, has never been spotted by AWACS aircraft.

Despite the fact that the United States and NATO countries criticized the Russian fifth-generation fighter Su-57, stating that the latter does not belong to fifth-generation aircraft due to the lack of stealth technologies in it, it turned out that in a year of using these fighters in a special operation in Ukraine, NATO aircraft and radars have never been able to detect Russian Su-57s.

It is known that Su-57 fighters are almost regularly used to perform assigned combat missions in Russia's special operation in Ukraine. We are talking about both delivering strikes and covering Russian airspace, however, for a year this combat aircraft has never been detected by NATO air defense and reconnaissance aircraft. This indicates that the fighter really belongs to the fifth generation aircraft.

“The Su-57 has fully justified itself as a fifth-generation combat vehicle. This combat aircraft was involved in a combat mission in the NVO zone, however, until now, NATO has never noticed it on its radars. This indicates that the fighter is inconspicuous and, obviously, seriously exceeds the capabilities of the fifth generation fighters of the United States and China., - notes the specialist


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