Anti-aircraft installation


NATO planes cannot land at Kabul airport - Taliban deployed Soviet anti-aircraft guns and threaten to shoot down all violators

The Taliban did not allow NATO aircraft to land at Kabul International Airport.

After Turkey, Great Britain and the United States announced the sending of additional forces in the amount of several thousand troops to Afghanistan, members of the Taliban terrorist movement (banned in Russia - ed.) Deployed anti-aircraft guns in the runway area and banned any uncoordinated flights to land on the territory of the air harbor, threatening in the event of such attempts to open fire on landing aircraft.

At the moment, it is known that military transport aircraft from Germany and Turkey could not land on the territory of the Kabul International Airport - the latter had to turn around and go to airfields in other countries. This indicates the fact that all of the Taliban's threats were taken very seriously.

"Of course, the militants are not armed with air defense systems to ensure the protection of the airspace of Afghanistan, but the deployment of Soviet anti-aircraft guns in the runway area is an excellent reminder to NATO that the Taliban are in complete control of the situation and they absolutely do not care about the power of the Alliance.", - the expert marks.

Earlier, the Taliban announced that they would not allow the transfer of additional forces to Afghanistan.

A lot of weapons were left, perhaps they hoped they would kill each other, and maybe their neighbors! USA-Pandora's box.

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