NATO aircraft raided the Russian submarine Orel, but the result was not in favor of the alliance

The Danish Air Force discovered a huge Russian 154-meter submarine Orel near its territorial waters.

The Danish Air Force Command reported that a Russian submarine Orel, moving towards Russia, was accidentally discovered in the waters of the Skagerrak Strait. Over a huge submarine carrying 24 P-700 Granit cruise anti-ship missiles, which are enough to eliminate half of NATO’s fleet, they began provocatively flying Danish military aircraft, but without any surprise to NATO, the story did not end.

According to data provided by the Danish Air Force command, after detecting the movement of an unknown object in the waters of the Skagerrak Strait, airplanes were lifted into the sky, which, after “only” 15 minutes, found a Russian 154-meter submarine. Nevertheless, despite the fact that NATO's statement was limited to this, it became known that the passage of the Russian submarine through the Skagerrak Strait was not at all secret, in addition, the Russian submarine was completely on the surface, and therefore, spent in her search for 15 minutes, this is more a shame for Denmark than an achievement.

“Obviously, it’s a great achievement for Denmark to discover a Russian submarine altogether. During the time it took to locate it, if necessary, the Russian submarine Orel would not leave a single ship from the enemy’s fleet in northern Europe, obviously poisoning anti-submarine aircraft with scrap using its air defense systems ”, - the expert marks.