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NATO aircraft staged a pursuit of the Su-27, but did not have time to catch up

NATO aircraft attempted to intercept Russian military aircraft twice a day.

The fighters of the air forces of Great Britain, Hungary and Sweden (not part of NATO - approx. Ed.) Twice during the day rose to intercept Russian military aircraft in the sky over the Baltic Sea. Despite the information that appeared in the British media that the Su-27 fighter and the Il-22 aircraft were successfully intercepted, in fact, European fighters could not even get close to the Russian fighter.

According to some data, the fighters were able to get close to the IL-22 and identify it, but the Russian Su-27 fighter could outrun the EU fighters, and by the time they approached, they were already in the airspace of the Russian Federation, which indicates that Western news agencies provided at least false information.

It is noteworthy that both Il-22 and Su-27 were in international airspace, and in fact could not be intercepted by fighters of Great Britain and Sweden, which indicates new provocations against Russia.

Learn to read and understand what you read. These are two different departures. Il separately, Drying separately. Russian language says that NATO planes were raised twice.

For some reason, now the accompaniment is constantly called interception. Although, of course, it’s necessary to remind YOUR people about the “aggressive” creepy Russia, and how they WRONGLY reflect this “AGGRESSION” ... Everything lies, constant. That is their essence.

Those. the fighter threw Il to the mercy of fate and dumped? And what is the author decided to boast?

Maybe they could not ??? So it will be more accurate.
Do not have time to catch up and could not - the meaning is different. The author should be expressed more competently and more precisely, selecting the meaning of the situation.

We can not catch up!