Tu-204 Russian Post


Planes "Mail of Russia" interested Attorney General

General Prosecutor's Office became interested in the purchase of "Mail of Russia" Tu-204.

According to information of the news agency Avia.pro, representatives of the Russian Federation Prosecutor General's Office interested in the legality of the acquisition of aircraft Tu-204, in particular, the details of such interest remain unknown, however, it is likely it does there are compelling circumstances.

It should be clarified that currently operated airplanes Tu-204 Cargo previously under the jurisdiction of the airline "Transaero", however, in the future, the aircraft was transferred to the "Mail of Russia" for the carriage of cargo and mail.

According to preliminary information, organized by check may be related to complaints received.

I keep thinking that they have origin, according to the terms of delivery, go on foot, but no more, and they have the planes, and that's what the question for the prosecutor's office.