US planes have been circling over Cuba and Venezuela for the third day waiting for the arrival of Russian nuclear weapons

US planes began to circle over Cuba and Venezuela, waiting for the arrival of Russian nuclear missiles.

Against the backdrop of the emergence of information that Russia is already negotiating with the authorities of Cuba and Venezuela on the deployment of Russian nuclear weapons on the territory of these countries, US military reconnaissance aircraft almost began a blockade of these states, performing regular flights over the region and monitoring activity in places the most likely deployment of offensive weapons and Russian military bases, the possible appearance of which was previously reported by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

For the third day in a row, U.S. military reconnaissance aircraft have been performing long-duration flights near the borders of Cuban and Venezuelan airspace, according to data available to the news agency, believing that if Russia really intends to deploy its military infrastructure in this region, then this will happen as quickly as possible.

At the same time, experts note that we can not necessarily talk about nuclear weapons, since by withdrawing from the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range Missiles, the Russian side can easily deploy tactical non-nuclear weapons in Venezuela and Cuba, which, with a range of strikes several thousand kilometers will easily make any objects in the United States easy targets.

Olya, rich, enlightened, armed to the teeth (by the standards of that time), the Roman Empire conquered half the world and existed for more than one millennium and yet collapsed. And the wild, backward tribes plundered its fragments. And the USA is a young state. A couple of hundred years is not an age for a country. So it's not evening yet. Maybe we won't see it, but our descendants will. They themselves run up to someone to help them in this matter. So don’t worry about Vanek, whoever is waiting will wait ...

Naive Yankees. Everything has long been placed in its place by the database.

Is it okay that they entered the airspace of Cuba and Venezuela? Maybe I don’t understand something, but should they be shot down for this?

Grandfathers waited, parents waited, and Vanka is still waiting for the collapse of the United States)))

"Black crow, what are you doing..."

If this was one of the plans, then it is too late to drink Borjomi when the kidneys have fallen off, because it is already there.

They will throw trampolines at Rogozin. Americans won't see it. They don't have satellites.

So it is already there, in the sense of a weapon.

They will not allow this. Russia will not do anything - otherwise, war ..

So they won't make it

Oh, why does the Americans have such a late ignition? And they don’t know how to play chess and they don’t calculate the opponent! Our Vladimir Vladimirovich knows and foresees all their actions at least three steps ahead, therefore, most likely, all the necessary weapons, all missiles and infrastructure have long been in place and aimed where they need to be... And now we are preparing opponents to put them before the fact.

That's the thing, everything is probably already in place :)))

"Late" the doctor is dead... The missiles are already there!

Already circling? HM. Like that teacher Vovochka in the joke. He blurted out to her in the heat of the moment that he would sleep with her tonight at 5 o'clock. She came to his parents at 20 minutes to 5 and said: "Vovochka promised at 5 today ..." Well, dad showed her that she had come early!

The USSR did well, at first he deployed on the sly without any warning, and then when the Americans began to smoke in one place, then he already put forward his own conditions, this is the only way to act with them, especially knowing in advance that for good they will reject all proposals.

It's too late, they've been standing there for a long time, let them fly

And who will fight? Children of ministers, billionaires?

These missiles have been deployed there for a long time, just now they are sort of legalizing them, while loudly informing our so-called Western partners .., as always, they realized it too late

By the way, a friend should not talk about this))) Let them be in the fog for a while.

Putin over the past 25 years is the smartest, wisest, far-sighted, consistent, tactful and at the same time cunning politician.
I think that everything has already been foreseen in advance and nuclear weapons have long been there. This is not the main thing.
Putin's move is as follows:
- Syria will soon be a member of the OKDB and ask the OKDB for help. And there the United States is an uninvited guest and steals oil from Syria.
- Iran will also be a member of the OKDB and the US will not be able to attack Iran.
- China and India will also be members of the OKDB and the end of the US and NATO will come.

Will be sent by Russian post

Yes, they will circle nearby, but the range of reconnaissance means will allow you to see some part of the territory.

Or maybe they did?

It seems that it was necessary to place, and then ring in the press about the placement.

And what do they not know that everything is already there ....?

The deployment of Russian weapons on the territory of these states is extremely necessary. The USA, the Collective West forced Russia to such action!!
The President and the Government will do IT on time.

Americans do not need to fly over Cuba, but to know the history? Where does China get nuclear weapons? And if it appears in Iran?

Exactly!!! It's their style!!!

In fact, there will be bases for submarines. It's cheaper and much more efficient and stealthy. You can swim to the US from both the east and west coasts at the same time pretty close. Depth allows. Clamp in tongs. Missile flight time is reduced to 3 minutes.

Naivnyashki weapons already there the plane will not make out ...

We will get there on time.

The all-Russian public movement "Veterans of Russia" asked the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor General's Office to initiate a criminal case against the publicist Viktor Shenderovich* under the article on the "rehabilitation of Nazism." An official appeal was sent to the heads of departments Alexander Bastrykin and Igor Krasnov, the Izvestia newspaper reports. RJU nevermind.

So don't comment.

Are you calling reality nonsense?
There is a screen from the radar, discussions about something there, there is some kind of dispatch.

as I understand it, they can now bill us for the spent aviation fuel, since Russia deceived them and never came to the war?

Cuba and Venezuela have powerful air defenses, so the Americans cannot circle over their territories, but can circle like jackals around their territories.

Such nonsense and reluctance to comment.