The aircraft SSJ-100


Aircraft SSJ-100 can begin to be delivered to Jordan

Jordan interested in buying Russian passenger aircraft SSJ-100.

According resource at the moment between the representatives of the company "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft" and the representatives of Jordan, active negotiations on deliveries of Russian passenger airliners SJS-100 for airlines located directly on the territory of the country. Official information about the negotiations are currently missing, however, according to some reports, we are talking about buying 8 leasing passenger aircraft.

Specialists, in turn, noted that the Russian passenger planes in recent years is very much interested in the airlines of other countries, moreover it is connected not only with the relatively low cost of the aircraft, but also with the high reliability of these aircraft.

Given the fact that the company "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft" is in talks to supply aircraft with several company and its interest in the airline and expressed from Kazakhstan, is to assume that the production did not difficult, what earlier rumors.