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Russian Aerospace Forces aircraft made 190 flights to Karabakh

For 10 days of the armistice in Karabakh, the aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces made 190 flights to Karabakh.

As part of the peacekeeping operation in Karabakh, the military transport aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces made 190 flights to the territory of this region and Armenia, delivering both Russian servicemen and the corresponding equipment. However, too many flights to Karabakh raised many questions as to why the operation was so large-scale.

“Those who really do not sit idle are the BTA crews. Since November 10, when Russia began to transfer the peacekeeping contingent to Nagorno-Karabakh, the Il-76 and An-124 crews have already completed more than 190 flights. And this is without taking into account the flight performance of the airfields of the Russian Federation - Khmeimim ", - about it сообщает Russian "Telegram" -channel "Military Observer".

Experts draw attention to the important fact that despite the agreements, the territory of the self-proclaimed NKR will return under the sovereignty of Azerbaijan by the end of this year, however, judging by the amount of military equipment and personnel of the Russian peacekeeping forces transferred, the Russian military may stay in the region for several years.

“It is not excluded that as soon as Azerbaijan gains control over all the specified regions of Karabakh, the Russian military will be asked to leave, and pressure will be exerted not only from Baku, but also from Turkey. How it can end - time will tell ", - the analyst notes.