US Air Force planes began to circle off the coast of Cuba, fearing the transfer of the Russian military

The United States sent its planes to prevent the appearance of Russian troops in Cuba.

Against the backdrop of ongoing large-scale protests in Cuba against the existing authorities, Cuba held talks with Russia. During the talks, the Russian side confirmed its readiness to support official Havana if such a need arises. Since the appearance of Russian military specialists in Cuba will almost certainly lead to the suppression of all protests, the United States decided to take a desperate step, in fact, starting a blockade of Cuba, as previously reported by the news agency

It is known that at the moment American military aviation is flying off the northern coast of Cuba, and this applies not only to reconnaissance aircraft, but also to military transport aircraft, on board of which the secret services and the US military may well be.

According to analysts, the risk of a coup d'état in Cuba is very high. Russia may well provide Cuba with the assistance it needs, including military-technical assistance, which, obviously, will be hindered in every possible way in Washington.

“If necessary, Russia may well send several hundred of its military specialists to Cuba. So far, no relevant requests have been received from Havana in this regard, however, if necessary, such a task can be completed in less than a day, and the United States is clearly afraid of this. ", - the expert marks.

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Yes, they have their own vaccine, they even agreed with Argentina to supply them.

We need to act quickly, all weapons in Cuba, the ATO will be the same as with Ukraine

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We urgently need to help the Cubans with vaccines, hospitals and doctors ...
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