The most dangerous Russian warship turned out to be a Soviet cruiser with 30-year history

In the United States, the Soviet missile cruiser is the most dangerous Russian warship.

Despite the fact that almost three decades have passed since the collapse of the Soviet Union, US military analysts have not found modern-day warships dangerous for Washington in Russia's arsenal. The most dangerous of these is the Admiral Nakhimov nuclear-powered missile cruiser, a warship that was put into service as early as the 1988 year.

“The ability of the cruiser to threaten key enemy targets with hypersonic missiles at extreme distances of 400 kilometers for an airplane and thousands of kilometers for ships makes it perhaps the most dangerous warship of the Russian Navy.”, - note the journalists of The Military Watch.

In the future, this warship will be equipped with Zircon hypersonic missiles, the US military will have no more than 20 seconds to repulse the strike.

On the other hand, the Admiral Nakhimov missile cruiser does not yet have Zircon hypersonic missiles in its arsenal, since the latter have not yet been adopted.

Tuporylye do not understand that surface ships are all in sight and immediately fall on the radar of the Americans when approaching their mainland.
But the Russians need it, go at gunpoint?
And for the destruction of a likely aggressor in America, more than a dozen submarines, which no one knows about, and which with great ease will make the right salvo in the right direction, ply under water. And that’s it: Alles kaput!

Why is Peter the Great pictured? Shredded the Internet, or didn’t find a photo for journalists?