The safest form of transportation - airplane.


The safest form of transportation - airplane.

February 10, 2014. 224 is the number that each newspaper wrote at the end of 2013. That is how many people died in plane crashes last year.

3 billion passengers. 35 million flights - these figures are given by the statistics of the previous "flying year". Each person flew an average of 900 km. in one flight. And 224 people died in plane crashes.

  Here are some examples of statistics for 2013:

- More 1000 people died from falling out of bed in the world.

- More 1000 man choked in the bathroom.

- More 2900 people have died from the aggressive behavior of hippos.

Consequently, it is more dangerous to sleep on a bed or take a bath than to fly somewhere over Siberia on the spot 34В.   

The safest year for airlines was 2013.


On the Times online reported the following:

"In the 2013, the 17 people died in the USA. (Most of them in the 135 Jet charter crash).  

If you buy a ticket and book a place on a plane to the United States, your chances of dying is almost zero. Maybe we tempt fate - but statistics says that's about it. "



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