The largest Russian military plane arrives on a bizarre visit to Libya

The largest Russian military aircraft has arrived in Libya.

The Russian military transport aircraft An-124, bypassing Turkish airspace, flew towards Libya and landed at one of the air bases belonging to the Libyan National Army. According to reports, this plane was originally seen at the capital's Vnukovo airport, where it has been near the cargo terminal since July 25, which raises many questions regarding the visit to this North African country.

“For the first time, Russia is sending a heavy transport aircraft An-124 to Libya bypassing Turkish airspace. Takeoff was made from Vnukovo, where the board stood from July 25 near the cargo terminal ", - the "Telegram" -channel "Notes of a Hunter" informs about it, publishing the corresponding photos and the route of the plane's flight.

What exactly could be on board a military transport aircraft sent to Libya is unknown, however, experts believe that we are not talking about weapons, since the aircraft was in the capital, which, however, does not exclude the possibility that some cargo was on board the aircraft initially.

Earlier, the Russian side categorically denied sending its planes to Libya, which raises many questions.

"Burevesnik", "Poseidon", "Peresvet" and several divisions of PMC Wagner were sent there ..)))))))))

What are yours? Do you work for free?

The news is just fire. Its whole point is that a Russian transport plane flew from Russia to Libya. And this is, in principle, EVERYTHING that is known. But it was not there. It is necessary for another 3 paragraphs to smear the news in the style of "what he brought there we do not know, but for sure it is something very bad, not legal, for the sake of evil in the whole world, because it is very suspicious!" Voila, the "news" is ready. The evidence has already been announced in the news itself. New sanctions can be introduced.

Putin burns our money along with kerosene.

This is their professionalism. They can’t do more.

"Experts believe that we are not talking about weapons, since the plane was in the capital" - why, there is little weapons in the capital? Very important specialists ...

Why would it be provocative in the photo next to the news to post the loading of an American submarine on an aircraft? Not tired of lying?