Stratolaunch model 351


The world's largest aircraft put up for sale

The largest aircraft in the world for sale for 400 million dollars

The American television channel CNBC, citing its own sources, reports that the world's largest aircraft, Stratolaunch, is on sale. This machine was created specifically for launching spacecraft.

The aircraft was developed by Stratolaunch Systems, an American venture capital firm. Its headquarters are in Huntsville, Alabama. The company was founded in 2011 by one of the creators of Microsoft, Paul Allen, and the founder of the aircraft manufacturer Scaled Composites LLC, Bert Rutan. Prior to that, they collaborated on the creation of SpaceShipOne, a private, reusable suborbital manned spacecraft.

Development of the aircraft carrier lasted for quite some time. His ground tests began only in May 2017. Paul Allen could not see how the car rose into the sky. In October 2018, he died due to a complication of cancer. The first flight of the Stratolaunch went 13 April 2019 of the year. This flight lasted 2,5 hours. It was completed over the Mojave Desert (California). No further flights are available.

The reason that the company controlling most of Paul Allen’s property put the plane up for sale is not known. The amount requested for it is 400 million dollars. The media speculate that aerospace companies may be interested in the machine.

Stratolaunch features two fuselages (Model 351). Its wingspan is 117 meters, which is a record in aviation. Machine length - 72 meter. Maximum take-off weight - 590 tons, including 230 tons - payload. Power plants - six Pratt & Whitney PW4056 engines powered by 25 tons. In order to save, engines removed from decommissioned liners. In the landing gear 28 aircraft wheels. Estimated takeoff run with full load - 3800 meters. Maximum flight range with full load - 3700 kilometers.