The most famous British mercenary in Ukraine denied his liquidation, but gave out the base of mercenaries

The most famous British mercenary in Ukraine denied his liquidation, but gave away his whereabouts.

The famous British mercenary Ben Grant, who is suspected of attacking the Russian military, denied his liquidation, despite the statements of anonymous sources. As it turns out, the mercenary, who is the son of a member of the British Parliament, was not eliminated by the missile attack, as was alleged about two weeks ago. This is evidenced by the corresponding video, in which a mercenary from the UK was captured. However, in doing so, Grant gave away his current location.

As it became known, the British mercenary was not in the area of ​​Severodonetsk and Lisichansk, as it was originally assumed, and was not eliminated by a missile attack. This is evidenced by video footage in which Ben Grant was seen on an electric bike along with other mercenaries. However, after the video was posted on the Web, the exact location of the Grant was also determined - this is the Kharkiv region. Moreover, on another video recording, a base of foreign mercenaries was also found, which, apparently, is located on the territory of one of the civilian recreational facilities. This is indicated by the corresponding infrastructure.

Earlier, the Investigative Committee of Russia announced its intention to give a criminal legal assessment of the actions of a British mercenary in the framework of a criminal case on mercenarism - according to reports, he led the attack of a group of Western mercenaries on Russian military equipment in Ukraine.