Israeli strike on Syria


SANA: Israel launches missile attack on Syria

The Israeli military launched a missile attack on Damascus.

The Israeli military launched another missile attack on Syrian territory tonight. According to information provided by the SANA news agency, two missiles were fired, one of which was successfully intercepted by Syrian air defense systems, while the second one hit an unknown target in the suburbs of the Syrian capital.

Unlike previous attacks, the attack on Damascus tonight was carried out by the Israeli military without the involvement of military aircraft - rockets were fired from the Golan Heights. This reduced the response time and reduced the effectiveness of intercepting enemy missiles. As a result of the hit of the second Israeli missile, injuries and casualties were avoided, but a non-residential building was damaged.

“The Israeli military launched a rocket attack on an empty building south of Damascus. Sources said that around 00:45 today, the Israeli enemy launched an aggression with two rockets from the occupied Golan Heights, targeting an empty building south of Damascus. In this case, one of the enemy missiles was shot down. There are no injured or casualties, but there is material damage ", - it was said in the message of "SANA" news agency.


But what about the additionally deployed "favorites"?