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Sandu demanded that Russia begin withdrawing troops from Transnistria - there will be no negotiations

The President-elect of Moldova demanded the immediate withdrawal of Russian troops from Transnistria.

During a large press conference, Moldovan President Maia Sandu announced that she was demanding the immediate withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of Transnistria. According to her, no negotiations on this matter with Moscow will be conducted, since it stands for the territorial integrity of Moldova.

“In Transnistria there is an operational group of troops of the Russian Federation, regarding which there has never been an agreement on the part of Moldova. Therefore, the position of the state is that these troops should be withdrawn, and weapons should be removed from the territory of our country "- said Maya Sandu.

Among other things, the President-elect of Moldova stressed that her country would not recognize the transition of Crimea to the sovereignty of Russia.

“Answering the question about what good relations with Russia will cost Moldova, Sandu, among other things, assured that Moldova supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine. "We have supported and support the territorial integrity of Ukraine, and we hope that other countries will support the territorial integrity of Moldova," Sandu said, most likely referring to the situation with Crimea. ", - about it сообщает information publication "News Maker".

Apparently, relations between Moldova and Russia will cool down very seriously in the near future, however, at the moment it remains unknown whether Russia will fulfill the demands of Maya Sandu and withdraw its peacekeeping forces from Transnistria.

Sergei, what did you think the PMR brings brandy to Russia and Europe, metals and metal products? At the same time, Russia is only in fourth place with $ 66,2 million. In Export (sales of Transnistria), Moldova is in first place.
Yes, because the customs seal is sanctioned by Moldova itself and everyone is satisfied with the "rivers and streams" of money. And they are not very sad about Russia. )) Sandu is simply out of work there and wants to promote "reunification" with Romania.

And nothing that this territory of Moldova

To withdraw the peacekeepers, a solution to both sides of the conflict is needed. And in Transnistria there are no suicides.

In the republics of the former USSR, Russians live in all of them, this does not give Russia a reason to send its troops ..

is there such a country as Moldova?

Have you personally already collected things for the military registration and enlistment office?

How to get them out? In the peacekeeping contingent, all local

To achieve the presidency, Maia Sandu deceived all residents of Moldova. She wants to make sure that Moldova does not have such a country on the map, as it did with the GDR. She wants to remove the Russian peacekeepers, to launch the Americans (they offered her a large amount of money "dollars"). Therefore, she will dance to their tune. She doesn't worry about the Moldovan people at all, she doesn't need them for nothing. Maia Sandu is Romanian. If this goes on and Sanda deceives, then she will not live to see her happy days. She just beaten and that's it.

And on what basis are our peacekeepers there? What does "Maya Sandu said" mean? Who is she? President of Moldova? Or a Romanian citizen? Both? Is it okay that a Romanian citizen becomes the President of Moldova?

Then it will be necessary to introduce more troops from Russia. Peacekeepers may not be able to cope.

America will sooner fall apart than Russia will withdraw the peacekeepers. Europe is not a law for Russia, let it bow before the United States, we were in Europe in 1945, do not force Russia to bite its TEETH.

Nobody will output anything. Another year or two and the southeast of Ukraine will smoothly return back to Russia. Transnistria will automatically flow into the Russian territories.

And she is not afraid that the next territory annexed to the Russian Federation will be Moldova as a whole, and not some part of it?

And what of it? Nothing follows from this, rather the opposite.

And if Russia does not withdraw, then what?

Failure after failure in foreign policy. Nobody wants to deal with us. Who will be responsible for this?

decided to play along with Ukraine, counting on support from the eastern side of the PMR border

Well, this is the same as the President of the Gobi Desert! And she can only demand from a pathologist doctor, so that in due time he did an autopsy on her!

And if not, what can she do ??? She needs a husband.

The leadership of Transnistria is unlikely to let the peacekeepers go, and even more so they will not let the OSCE. And if they are kicked out, Transnistria will face the Karabakh scenario.

And the peacekeepers will have to be withdrawn, whether Russia wants it or not. Sandu is a pro-Western politician, and besides, she is the President of Moldova

The President of Moldova is a citizen of Romania, and accordingly, if Russia is talking to anyone, then with the Romanian government.

on the territory of transnistria there are citizens of RUSSIA with RUSSIAN passports and this fact already requires the maintenance of the Armed Forces, even if the peacekeepers Sandu (Moscow) decided to arrange a second Ukraine.

there will be no negotiations, the peacekeepers will not go anywhere)

The same scenario is to promise a well-fed European life, win elections, forget about promises and follow all known instructions, destroy the country's economy to the end and fight to the last Moldovan, Ukrainian, Belarusian, etc.

The pug yaps - and the caravan moves on ...
Women do not tend to measure their desires against their capabilities. Just like in the joke: "Why, why ... Yes, because I decided so! And why I decided so - I have not decided yet .."

Peacekeepers will leave Pridnestrovie and enter Chisinau, this is the resolution of all disputes

Here's more news and possibly a response to her behavior = CHISINAU, December 1 - Sputnik. The US Ambassador to Moldova Derek Hogan personally introduced the country's Defense Minister Viktor Gaichuk to a new employee of the ministry he heads.

Yes, as I understand it, it suits them. They made their choice. Another question is what our great rulers are doing - they could not bend or outbid the country, which is barely visible on the map without a magnifying glass.

First, pay for gas, because according to you, Transnistria is also Moldova, but then we'll talk ...

The Russian troops will leave and NATO will enter there, and then there will be NATO everywhere. And Pridnestrovie will be under NATO and Romanians

I propose to preserve the integrity of Moldova in this way: OGRV leaves the trenches, takes Chisinau and makes the leader of Transnistria president. Sanda can be shot ...

Standing for the Integrity of Moldova?
Maia Sandu confirmed that she has Romanian citizenship.
Arguments And Facts say that ".. Traian Basescu (ex-President of Romania) admitted that Maia Sandu promised Victoria Nuland to unite with Romania ..."

If he follows the lead of this Shafka, then it will be clear what our government is worth !!!