SAM Abakan


Saudi Arabia wants to abandon the American "Patriot" in favor of the Russian air defense system "Abakan"

Saudi Arabia wants to buy a large batch of Abakan air defense systems from Russia.

After about a year ago, the Russian military officially presented the latest anti-aircraft missile system "Abakan", in essence, representing something between the S-300 and S-400 complexes, it became known that Saudi Arabia is actively negotiating with the Russian the party to acquire these air defense assets. They are capable of providing the highest degree of protection against attacks by cruise missiles, kamikaze drones and ballistic missiles, which have recently been a very serious threat to Saudi Arabia.

It is known that at the moment we are not talking about the conclusion of the deal, as negotiations are ongoing. Various sources claim that we can talk about buying 10 Abakan complexes, which, in terms of their combat capabilities, have an efficiency of intercepting aerodynamic and ballistic targets of about 95%.

It should be noted that the Russian Abakan anti-aircraft missile systems are currently not subject to US bans. In this regard, Saudi Arabia may well acquire this weapon, especially against the background of the emergence of information that Iran has transferred several dozen ballistic missiles and about a hundred kamikaze drones to the Houthis.


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