Air Defense Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia wants to replace Patriot with S-400 and Chinese HQ-22

The Russian S-400 will replace the American Patriot in Saudi Arabia.

The United States of America threatened Saudi Arabia with the withdrawal of all its troops and air defense equipment from the country if the official Riyadh refuses to negotiate with Russia on oil production and commodity prices. A corresponding bill has already been prepared, however. In Riyadh they want to go to conflict by purchasing air defense systems either from Russia, and if Moscow does not support such a deal, from China, as the country most interested in the low cost of oil and the sale of its weapons.

“The United States may withdraw from the territory of Saudi Arabia units of the American army and air defense systems if Riyadh does not agree with Moscow on stabilizing oil prices. The corresponding bill was prepared in the US Senate, according to American media, citing informed sources. A bill envisaging the withdrawal of the US Army and air defense systems from Saudi Arabia was prepared by Republican Senators Kevin Kramer and Dan Sullivan. According to the new law, if Riyadh and Moscow do not agree to lower oil production to stabilize world oil prices, the United States will withdraw from the kingdom US Army personnel, Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems and THAAD anti-ballistic missile systems. It is emphasized that the withdrawn equipment and army units can be deployed on the territory of another country in the region. ”- сообщает "Military Review."

The appearance of such information is already being actively discussed in the PRC, in particular, in China they see only two solutions to the existing problem - either Riyadh will cooperate with Moscow, or it will move on to cooperation with Beijing.

“Riyadh has only two ways - to acquire air defense from Russia, however, it is required to make a deal with Moscow on the issue of oil production, or to acquire air defense from China. Beijing is extremely interested in cooperating with Riyadh, especially since low oil prices only benefit the Chinese authorities. ”, - cites the publication East Day.

It should be clarified that Riyadh has not yet officially decided on its further actions.