Saudi Arabia will buy the Russian "Shell-S" in defiance of the United States. Video

Riyadh is forced to buy Russian weapons, despite the ban on the part of the United States.

Another successful attack by Yemeni rebels against Saudi Aramco’s oil refineries in eastern Saudi Arabia demonstrated the complete futility of further acquisition of American Patriot systems, against which the purchase of Russian Pantsir-S air defense systems is being actively discussed in Riyadh. they repel attacks using drones by terrorists, repel attacks by the Israeli Air Force, and also defeat cruise missiles.

“If Saudi Arabia wants to solve the problem of drones, it will have to buy dozens of Russian Panzir-S systems.” There are no more real western alternatives. That would be an important decision for the Kingdom. ”, - experts note.

Earlier, Saudi Arabia had intended to conclude a deal to purchase Russian air defense and missile defense systems, but negotiations were actively frustrated by the American side, including through threats to deprive Saudi Arabia of the right to acquire American weapons.

Given the effective coverage area, experts believe that Saudi Arabia will have to purchase at least two dozen Pantsir-S air defense missile systems, and in this connection, the deal may amount to about 200-300 million dollars.