Saudi Arabia intends to replace American "Patriot" with Russian "Pantsir-S"

The futility of the American “Patriot” forces Saudi Arabia to acquire the Russian “Pantsir-S”.

Since the beginning of this month, the Hussites have made several successful attempts to attack military and civilian targets in Saudi Arabia. Over the past week, an AH-64 “Apache” attack helicopter was destroyed in Saudi Arabia (two more vehicles were damaged - ed.), Several vehicles, an ammunition depot, and none of the air defense / anti-missile systems located in this region. The Patriot was not involved to repel the attack.

“Saudi Arabia needs effective protection against UAVs and rocket attacks from Hussites. It is quite obvious that the authorities of this country have already “matured” for the purchase of the Russian x Pantyr air defense missile system, fully aware that further attacks of the Hussites will be inevitable ”, - the expert marks.

Experts note that the American Patriot systems not only cannot bring down unmanned aerial vehicles, but cannot even identify them as targets, while, according to still unconfirmed information, one of such systems was completely destroyed by Yemeni rebels. drone for a few thousand dollars.

Isn't it easier to stop the aggression against the neighboring state?