Saudi Arabia abandoned the S-400, choosing the Chinese HQ-17AE

In Riyadh, they decided to abandon the Russian S-400 air defense systems.

Despite the fact that the territory of Saudi Arabia is subjected to constant attacks by kamikaze drones and ballistic missiles launched from Yemen, it became known that Riyadh nevertheless decided to refuse to purchase Russian S-400 Triumph air defense systems. In Riyadh, they did not explain the reasons for their refusal. However, the information and news agency obtained information that Saudi Arabia chose Chinese air defense systems, which, according to Chinese media, are more effective than Russian S-400 air defense systems, although they have a significantly shorter range. goals.

“Following the acquisition of the Chinese 3D TWA radar system, the Royal Saudi Air Defense Force is seeking to acquire the HQ-17AE air defense systems. China has announced that the HQ-17AE field anti-aircraft missile system, dubbed the "Hunter for low-altitude aircraft", is available for export. Citing CASIC, the state-run Global Times reported that the system is capable of intercepting high-performance targets and resisting intense attacks, while combining all functions in one off-road wheeled vehicle. The HQ-17AE utilizes cutting-edge technologies, including an all-solid-state phased array radar, vertical launch missile system, and a high-performance radar. This gives the SAM system a fast reaction time and adaptability to difficult electromagnetic battlefield conditions, as the vehicle can fire missiles while moving and can communicate with other vehicles via the Network during combat. The system can intercept not only aircraft, armed helicopters, drones, tactical air-to-surface missiles, anti-radar air-to-surface missiles and subsonic cruise missiles, but also more complex targets such as stealth aircraft, supersonic cruise missiles », - reports the edition "Defense".

At the same time, the Chinese edition of Sina Military reports that the choice was allegedly made not in favor of the Russian S-400 Triumph air defense systems due to the fact that Riyadh doubted the capabilities of Russian systems.

“The HQ-17AE system outperformed the Russian S-400 and Saudi Arabia chose Chinese weapons. Probably, in Riyadh they trust Chinese weapons more"- said in the material.

Earlier, Saudi Arabia considered the acquisition of Russian systems and, according to the Russian side, even negotiated their acquisition, however, Riyadh has not yet made any statements regarding the purchase of Chinese weapons.

Exports have declined due to US sanctions, in terms of price / quality ratio, the Russian military-industrial complex is unrivaled.

Did you come up with this yourself or did someone suggest it?

yeah, well, let's say China furnishes not only Russia, but also the United States, since American weapons are always a priority for the Saudis

Shooting drones from the S-400 is like hammering nails with a microscope ....

I agree, here it is rather necessary to compare with the shell and not with 400. Yes, and apparently their tasks were not under 400. In addition, the costs of long-range and short-range air defense are incomparable.

this is an analogue of "Thor" copied by the Chinese

the main thing is not a special case, but whether sales of our weapons are growing. Do we work correctly in this market and do we have something to offer. I am afraid that we are losing positions in the arms market - as a result of the scientific and technical backwardness of the country, economic weakness and industrial weakness ...

I agree. Nonsense complete!!! Do not own the issue

Alexander, if you don’t understand air defense systems like the author, then don’t write nonsense. These air defense systems are an analogue of the Tor air defense system, which has completely different tasks, by the way, its tasks may be the protection of such complexes as the S-400 air defense system.

This is a political maneuver. The SA understand the situation in the world, that China is already real, not the future. And if the Russians always buy something, something else.

The author does not understand the principles of air defense at all. The S-400 is a long-range system, and the HQ-17AE is a short-range air defense system, the second usually covers the former as part of a layered air defense system. What nonsense are you writing here!

The Saudis have never bought Russian weapons. According to the logic of the Chinese, they do not trust Russian weapons at all, not only in comparison with the Chinese, but also in comparison with everyone else. Accordingly, not only Chinese, but also any other weapons are "more reliable." Including the Patriot, which did not protect against attacks from Yemen at all.

It is stupid to compare Chinese missiles with the S 400. Rather, it is anti-advertising against the S 400.

Author, are you in the subject at all ?! Why does the Saudis need Triumph? Shoot down drones and homemade products?

Of course, it's more compact, it's a copy of our TOP-a))

They write that this is just a copy of our TOR.

Didn't buy it, great. For the Russian sky requires priority and absolute protection.

"HQ-17 Chinese-made anti-aircraft missile system, developed on the basis of the Russian Tor-M1 air defense system."
The author is unsuccessful.

Well, what can I say: well done Chinese, they know how to promote the products of their military-industrial complex. It's time to remember A. Raikin's monologue "In Paris": "... we have good cars, but they need to be advertised ..". According to the presented video, the Chinese air defense system is rather more compact and mobile compared to the Russian S-400 Triumph air defense system. And the price is probably cheaper.

How can these systems be compared? Then it was already necessary to write that they had chosen an analogue of our TOP, but no matter how S-400

But this is in vain! Russian everything is reliable and of high quality. and where did the Chinese gain technology in ten years? copy everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Copies are worse than originals!

And what about the S-400 in general ???
The Chinese air defense system cannot be more effective than the S-400 !! They are from different operas. The HQ-17 air defense system was created on the basis of the Russian Tor-M1 air defense system.