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Saudi Arabia buys South Korean analogue of C-350 due to "confusion" in Russia

Instead of the Russian C-300 and C-400, Saudi Arabia buys South Korean analogues of C-350.

Despite the fact that Russian air defense systems are considered one of the best in the world, Saudi Arabia decided to purchase South Korean analogues of the Russian C-350 systems that Almaz-Antey Corporation had previously manufactured for Seoul "Due to confusion, reeling and lack of money" in the 90s in Russia.

“KM-SAM uses one rocket for all cases. Its advantages include high overload capacity - up to 50 g. The speed of intercepted targets can reach 1000 m / s, that is, almost 3 M. This is more than enough for the situation in which Riyadh found itself. When in Russia there was confusion and vacillations, as well as a lack of money, in the 90 years, the Almaz-Antey concern and the Fakel missile design bureau were involved in creating a medium-range air defense system for South Korea. ”, says the publicationFree press».

How effective the analogue of the Russian S-350 air defense system will turn out to be is still unknown, but experts say that the rejection of the purchase of Russian air defense systems by Riyadh was quite expected, since Saudi Arabia is under excessive pressure from the United States.